Thursday, 8 June 2017

Clay house ornaments

Hello there!
I've been MIA for too long, hopefully I'll be able to blog more on my creative endeavors!
My latest project was a first one for me: making little decorations to add to baptism favors (or bombonieres as they are called in greek). Working on custom requests is always challenging but when the end result justifies your hard work and makes the client happy well that's all that matters! These past two weeks we've been working on making these colorful clay houses to be added to the baptism favors and the result is as colorful and happy as I hoped :-)

We made 150 houses, painted them in various colors and finally used colorful cords to tie them. I was sad to say goodbye to my little village, I've been working on it for almost two weeks but I'm sure they will look fantastic on the favors!
I'm thinking of creating a listing in the shop, it is demanding when I have to deal with big quantities but I feel that I can manage and make it work :-)
Have a lovely day,

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