Thursday, 20 December 2012

Our Christmas tree

So we finally put up our Christmas tree. It's not the one we usually decorate each year, we were feeling a bit too lazy to bring it down from storage, bring the decorations, ornaments, open boxes and in general spend a couple of hours on it. I know it's not the Christmas spirit at all at all but our emergency, made in under 20 minutes tree is just fine.
I used a canson paper in brown, a left over from another craft project first I tied it to a bunch of decorative "twigs" having the white bows in the front, that way the paper stayed up and didn't fold over. We filled a big vase with lights, pine cones and a few ornaments securing that the base of the "tree" wouldn't move around.
Then we used the paper mache ornaments my nephew painted, there's a smiling boot and a smiling bauble if you can spot them which are my favorites. I've only painted two of them the rest are all by him! We put a double sticky tape to their back so they could easily stick to our paper tree. He then decided where he wanted them to go and started sticking them on the tree. As you can see he picked the edges of the "branches" and then put the rest right in the middle and since he is quite a perfectionist he wants to paint 3 more to put in between so he can fill the gaps.
Oh and our nativity scene is a giraffe and a crocodile from toilet paper rolls (very christmassy I know) and a present from Maro :-)
Wishing you a lovely day,
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  1. what a sweet christmas tree!
    the ornaments turned out wonderful!
    your nephew is a little artist!

    χαρούμενα και όμορφα χριστούγεννα κορίτσια!