Monday, 28 May 2012

Monday moodboard - A boat ride

{1. cake toppers from BHBKidstyle  2. photo from DailyReflections 
3. earrings from lePetitFoyer  4. necklace from SofiaSobeideJewelry}

Yesterday we went on a little trip and it included an amazing boat ride under the Isthmus bridge, what we call the Corinth canal. It was really beautiful, I think I took about 150 photos of the 1 hour long boat ride. We started from a point in the one end of the canal and went out to sea where the boat made a turn and entered the canal to cross it for the first time, then we came out to sea from the other end where it made another turn and went and crossed it again so that we could go back to where we started. It was pretty awesome and I do love boat rides so much, we were also very lucky because the weather was great, sunny but not too warm.
The trip also included a visit to the ancient city of Corinth and it's museum, I really enjoyed going there as well but what I did miss was going to the Acrocorinth castle, by that time the weather had changed completely and it was raining heavily. I was really bummed, going to that castle has been in my wish list for a long time, it's on the top of a big mountain and the view must be amazing. Well, I can make plans for another trip, now that I came that close I just want it more :-)
All in all I took around 300 photos, when I get around to editing them I'll definitely post some. 
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Have a great week,


  1. This looks so beautiful! Very classy and warm!

  2. I love sailing... and love your moodboard as well :)

  3. Lovely Moodboard Aleka!
    And a great story! :))
    Enjoy the sun!


  4. Love the sea ! Going to the Northsea next week :)

  5. That sounds like a brilliant boat trip. Thank you so much for including my cake toppers!

  6. Its sounds great boat trip you had! I wish you to visit that castle soon!!!)