Thursday, 10 November 2011

Secret Santa

This year I'm taking part in the European street team gift exchange, which is called Secret Santa. I've been given the name and likes and dislikes of another teammate and now I have to make something for her. I realized how difficult it is to make something for someone you don't know, sometimes it's difficult even if you do know the recipient of the gift.
This time though I'm struggling with it, I had a lot of ideas for a brooch design, you can see sneak peeks of the three of them half made, not sure which one will get the green light! The one that's mostly finished is very different from what I usually make, I was inspired by India and the many bright and vivid colors they use but I'm afraid of being too close to the kitschy side of things. Then there's the absolutely simple one and the one that's a bit in between the two, not too simple but not too flashy either, that one is kind of growing on me more and more.
I'll be working on them over the weekend and hopefully I will make a decision before the due date for the sending the gift.
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  1. They look lovely!
    Love the colours!

  2. Lucky girl who is going to get one of your wonderfully colorful brooches!!! ;)

  3. Hey thanks for leaving a commentn on my blog. I'm glad you like my owl. Now I want to make one in bright colors. I love your blog and all of the bright colors you use. It's very 'happy' looking!
    Can't wait to get your newsletter. Sounds fun.

    Cindy Bee

  4. Love the colors!!!!! Somebody is very lucky to get this present!! :-)

  5. Oh lovely I love the one at the top with the simple colourful stitches! Great idea, I am sure the recipient will be very happy :)

  6. Lovely colors! Now I'm very curious to see how they will look finished.