Saturday, 12 November 2011

A zine

Taking part in our creative spaces every Thursday has been a wonderful opportunity for me to discover a lot of interesting blogs and creators. One of them is Emily Cater the woman behind Millicent Crow, who had a little giveaway going on and I actually won! So a letter was sent from New Zealand all the way to Greece and when it arrived I was very excited to open it :-)
I won a copy of her zine called "Denizens" and she also included a lovely screen printed birdie (I think I'll turn that into a brooch). I really enjoyed reading the zine, the few lines below each person were funny in a quirky/cool sort of way. You should check out her shop, she has beautiful gocco prints of old fashioned people and lovely feather brooches as well!


  1. Lucky girl!!!! Lovely little treasures you got!

  2. beautiful! lucky you! :)