Sunday, 18 September 2011

Weekend finds

1. JaneeLookerse 2. SeaPinks 3. VintageDawnJewelry 4. oldworldprimitives

Halloween is about a month away and even though it's not a big thing here in Greece, still we know this holiday from movies, projects from the internet and of course Etsy! Well it's all about the scary costumes, the carved pumpkins, the garlands, the candy and the trick or treating! And since I hate horror movies here's something different.


  1. Thanks so much, Georgia, for including my 'Trick or Treat' bracelet in with your other choice Halloween picks. I'm not a big one for horror movies either (except maybe the old black and white ones), but I sure do love handing out candy to all the little kids dressed up in their holiday costumes :)

  2. Amazing finds! Love the cat :)

  3. These are just so delightful, thank you for including my pumpkin here! I hate horror movies too so I like the fun Halloween stuff like black cats and candy corn :)

  4. oh, I really like the cat doll!