Thursday, 2 June 2011

Our booth

Getting ready for the summer bazaar and I took the advice of Kim from ViltalaKim, who suggested I do a test set up, photograph it and print it so that I know where to put everything when I set up the table at the bazaar. It really is a super idea (thank you Kim!) not only because it will save me time but also because I can see now the improvements I need to make to my set up: I'm going to paint the two newspaper covered boxes white, I know it's a lot of white but our stuff is so colorful and the white really makes color pop. The little white box where I put the bracelets has to go, it blocks the view for our name sign. And finally I REALLY have to finish the last two silk necklaces, time is running out and I've got lots more work to do!
You can see more creative spaces right here, you can play along too!


  1. I LOOOOVE the look of your booth, the colors are amazing!!! A true feast for the eye!!!!
    Good luck girls! :)
    Oh I want to be there too!!!! (I will be in spirit! Maybe some other time if I manage to be in Greece at the right time...)

  2. All the best! Have fun. And I agree with painting your newspaperbox white.
    Love the playful colourful jewellery.

  3. Your stall popped out at me on the creativespaces page, so hopefully it will pop out at buyers at the market too... good luck it all looks great!

  4. oh everything looks so Great such pretty colors!

  5. I wish I'd read this post before the bazaar......!
    The photos are wonderful!
    As was your stand and your lovely, colourful items!!
    It was great meeting you too.

  6. Now that is a market stall I would not be able to walk past. Gorgeous!

  7. Your work payed through! Your booth was even more lovely "in person"! It was very nice meeting you!