Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Still tired

The bazaar has ended and I've been slowly cleaning my workspace, which I left in a completely chaotic state. It's been a three day cleaning fest but I'm finally done and the space looks so pretty.
Now for the bazaar: We didn't really sell as much as I had hoped, we did cover our expenses (thankfully the participating fee was not high) and had a good profit but we sold a lot fewer things than I had anticipated. Another thing that bothered me was the reaction of a lot of people visiting the fair, they would walk by without asking any questions or even taking a business card from us or the other sellers. I don't know maybe it's the difficult economic state, I did expect that to be a negative factor. Still, I consider it a positive experience, we got to meet many other lovely artists and gained valuable experience for the next one!
I haven't started working on anything new yet, I have a lot of new jewelry to photograph and list in the shop. I started by listing a necklace and these earrings, I just love the green color combination. I was a bit surprised (and sad) that nobody bought them, I thought they are perfect for summer! Oh well, that just goes to show you can never tell what other people will like!
Have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. Your new creations are fantastic!!! So colorful, cheerful and perfect for summer! These are really hard times so it's hard to sell art... But I'm glad to hear it was such a great experience to meet other lovely artists and our lovely Teammates!
    I will be trying to sell my jewelry in Rhodes... I think it's perfect for an island, even if... as you said, you can never tell what other people will like!
    Have a great day too!