Thursday, 7 October 2010

Secret magnet hearts

It's a really moody day today, looks like it's going to rain soon, so no natural light for my photos. Still, I've been busy making new things, it's pretty nice crafting and listening to the rain. My favorite project has been making these little felt hearts with a little magnet on the inside, they're so cute!
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  1. looks lovely! Here this is the first morning that we can actually feel that Autumn should be here =D
    tiny little wind and the AC us still not on =)

  2. Lovely. Are they gifts. Visiting from Kootyou. Charmaine

  3. Very cute indeed! Like your style, lots of fun. Great shop name too : ) off to check out your shop!

  4. Great idea for a felt project. Magnets can be tucked in inside with no worries.
    I don't like rainy days, either, and neither the days with a foggy, milky light. My camera suffers :-s