Tuesday, 5 October 2010


1. made of scars, 2. World Blood donor day 140610, 3. Blood Nose, 4. Blood Is Thicker Than Water.

Well it's Tuesday the time for a flickr favorite, this time a themed one too! Something that touches your senses, gives you goosebumps, makes you all gooey inside...
I am quite faint hearted when it's time to have a blood test. I have fainted a few times, my most memorable was when I actually passed out for quite a while and the microbiologist had to slap me pretty hard to wake me up. I even remember that I dreamed too, a very vivid dream with bright lights. Coming around I saw my mother and see was pale as a ghost. Since then I always have someone with me for blood tests and although I haven't passed out again I feel so drained after.
The smell of disinfectant makes me queasy, the sight of the needle makes my knees weak, I am a mess before the needle touches my skin. It is kind of an assault to my senses and not a happy one...
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  1. oh my!!! Powerfull images, delivers the messege perfectly =)

  2. I hope for you , you don(t need much blood tests

  3. I dreamed once of becoming a doctor, but I am not really at ease around blood, either...
    Very powerful and suggestive mosaic!

  4. what a innovative way to convey what gives you goosebumps. this is truly a work of art.

  5. OMG great mosaic!
    blood makes me faint too :|

  6. When you have to give a bloodsample it does feel like energy is leaving your body so fainting does not sound silly at all. I used to donate plasma every 2 weeks so I'm not that afraid of needles.