Tuesday, 12 October 2010


in the street of the sky night walks scattering poems. That's my favorite line from my favorite poet e.e. cummings, I was going to doodle it to enter the doodlers anonymous showcase but I got sidetracked and missed the deadline. You can see the showcase here, I wish I had taken part it's so awesome!
A bit of sad news as Solomon Burke passed away on Monday, such a great loss to music. This song is my most favorite but there are so many more...
See more at Artmind's blog here!


  1. Wonderful mosaic!
    Full of magic...

  2. Such a lovely mosaic! I went watching shooting stars this summer, it was such a great experience.

  3. Solomon Burke will let the stars dance in the sky. If you watch closely enough you'll see it! ;)
    Absolutely divine mosaic! :)

  4. I'm a big fan of star AND e.e.cummings!

    Great mosaic!