Friday, 6 December 2013

Inbetween days

This week went by in a blur, all I remember is embroidering names on Christmas trees!
And now the sunny days are here, still very cold though :-)
I have two projects in my mind: I want to make felt houses with the nephew for Christmas and also make some postcards. I'm taking part in a postcard swap and thought it would be cool if I tried to make them myself. I have some ideas so we'll see how that goes.

In the meantime some photos from our garden: a giant spider web big enough to trap fig leaves, and our mousmoulia (also know as Japanese plum) tree is full of blooms!! Yay :-)

And December's calendar from Evdokia, last month for 2013!
Wishing you a great weekend,


  1. nice close up nature fotos!
    wish you will make all the crafts you have in your mind for christmas!
    thank you for linking my calendar! :)
    enjoy the weekend!

  2. Love the bee on the blooming tree. Not much blooming here. One lonely rose tried to open before the cold snap. will try to take a pic before she's gone. the rose bush is next to a fence and I have seen squirrels nibble on unopened rose buds.