Sunday, 23 June 2013

It's summer

Well summer is officially here, walking out of the house feels a lot like walking into an oven. So I stayed in and worked a bit. I'm finishing a couple of clay houses, they'll be in a set of two houses and a tree, I have two houses and two trees that need varnishing and I remade the mermaid earrings.
On the left is the pair that was ruined during varnishing, you can see the white color appearing from under the blue and honestly it looks a lot worse than the photo, like it's whitewashed. On the right the pair that I made yesterday and started varnishing today, the color stayed where it should, yay :-)
Remember the paper rockets we made? The nephew loved that project and we made some more when we came back from our Easter holiday. And now I found this fantastic tutorial on flying carp fish, it's going on my "must try it" list!
Wishing you a great Sunday and a productive week to come,

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