Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The interrogation

Just kidding :-)
Evdokia & Dori gave me a Liebster award, it has a lot of rules and (because I'm a bit lazy) I'm only going to do part of it (sorry). And I do apologize (again sorry) for taking so long to do this, it's just my unwillingness to answer questions about me!

So here are eleven facts/random things about me:
1. I am very organized and love making lists and plans
2. I have a tremendous fear of flying, it has been an issue whenever I wanted to travel abroad.
3. I get easily addicted to computer games, if I don't stop I can go on for hours
4. I don't like pop corn
5. I am a cloudspotter©. Yes I know that's not actually a word, I made it up and I am claiming it as my own. It means I take photos of clouds. A lot of photos. I want to cover a part of a wall in my house with all the different cloud photos I have.
6. I miss having a dog
7. I want to start taking portrait photos, so far I only photograph animals, nature and the city. 
8. I hate having my picture taken, another reason why I hesitate when it comes to photographing others.
9. I love zombie movies. Love them.
10. I am terrified when I have to use stairs that have steps made of glass or have nothing between the steps (allowing you to see right through). And yes it goes without saying I'm afraid of heights too.
11. last one: I have two best friends, I've known them for 15 years.

Dori's questions:
1. How do you get on with your neighbors (if you have any)? I don't like them and I ignore them
2. Favorite color and why (if you have a reason)?
I don't really have one, I like them all
3. Do you need glasses?
Yep, I wear them all the time :-)
4. How organized are you?
5. Big group of people or a few very close friends?
Few close friends
6. Your favorite language (doesn't matter whether you speak it or not)
Spanish and I speak it a little
7. Do you think sewing is a feminine craft/occupation?
No, not really
8. Half full, half empty? Or?
Half empty unfortunately
9. Do you easily start things or easily finish things? Especially art or craft related things and projects.
When I start something I hate leaving it unfinished, so I may not easily start them but I definitely finish them
10. Coffee or tea?
Neither, milk will do just fine :-) 

11. Do you know any dances? Can you dance them? No, and I really wish I did, especially Greek traditional ones

and now answering Evdokias questions:
1. day or night? day 
2. the song that makes you feel good. lately this one. makes me want to dance, sing, run. 
3. big city or small town? big city 
4. if you could choose your name which one would it be? I actually don't mind mine, I do regret using the short version of it 
5. your favorite animal? dogs 
6. round, triangle or square? round 
7. which was the last movie you saw?Anna Karenina 
8. your favorite smell. freesias 
9. a cup of tea or a cup of coffee? neither, I'm a cup of milk girl :-) 
10. first thing to do in the morning. get out of bed 
11. first thought comes to your head. this wasn't so bad (but I'm glad it's over hehe)

Hey it wasn't as torturing as I though :-)
Wishing you a lovely week,


  1. something irritates you in the foto : )
    it was funny to read your answers aleka : )

    1. first let me thank you for not mentioning that I was a chubby baby :-)
      I think maybe I'm playing with something and that's why I'm looking down. there are a few photos from that same day I did not look at the camera in any of them, I think I was born with the camera shy gene!