Friday, 8 February 2013

Suprise mail!

When my sister bought the tickets in the raffle organized by Estella we did it mostly to support Sandra and didn't really think about winning. But when the list of winners was published and Georgia saw her name in it she was so excited, it's her first time winning something online :-)

And today she was so surprised to receive her prize: an envelope filled with amazing art from Louise! She won the print titled Best Friends but there was also a little red envelope packed with extra awesome goodies as you can see. The packaging was simply fantastic and the handwritten note is such a lovely personal addition!

Do check out her shop LouiseArtStudio, she is an Etsy seller I would definitely recommend buying from it's very obvious she puts a lot of work and thought into everything!
Wishing you a lovely day,


  1. Wonderful prints! I'm a bit jelaous!

  2. Beautiful post!!
    oh, how wonderful to get some extra cards! I love them!!!!

  3. Looks wonderful, congrats again :)

  4. beautiful prints!
    & the packaging is lovely also!

  5. Lucky you!!!
    I love her work..
    Way to go girls!