Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday moodboard - Sky blue

{1. photo by GrayTabbyCat 2. brooch from  NanvyvdBoom 
3. peter pan collar by polixeni19 4. earrings from Nokike}

I have to admit I'm a fall and spring girl, it's these in between seasons where everything is changing that appeal to me the most. So you can guess I'm super excited that fall is coming, the temperatures have cooled a bit and most of all the sky has changed it's color: it's now a beautiful sky blue instead of the pale color of the summer. And did I mention there are some clouds as well? Yay for fall :-)
Hope you have a great week,
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  1. I agree - fall is the best :) Great collection!
    Have a lovely week as well!

  2. I am the same way, although fall is more my fav than spring usually :)

    Very clear blue mood.

  3. Thank you Aleka! I prefer these in between seasons too!
    They're my favorite :)