Friday, 6 July 2012

Terracotta wall plaques

From the terracotta clay pack that I opened in addition to the clay houses I made some small round wall plaques. It took me a while to figure out how to paint them, everything I did either covered the design I made on the front or didn't show off the terracotta underneath. After a couple of failed attempts I came up with this painting scheme, I quite like it. It's colorful but you can still see the lovely color of the clay.
They are still not finished I want to thread them so I can hang them and see how they look, I'm a bit worried as they are quite small and maybe the cord will not fit well visually. Trail and error with these ones I guess but it's fine I like trying to figure things out :-)
You can see more creative spaces right here!
Have a wonderful weekend, we'll be having lots and lots of heat (again)

ps. I stumbled upon this I wish you were here project sending a postcard to Marianne from all over the world, a wonderful idea from a daughter to her mother.


  1. They are so beautifull.
    Love them, Helena

  2. Ooh they look great! Happy weekend x

    1. Thanks Max, wishing you a great weekend too :-)

  3. You might want to try leather cord as a hanging solution. Also, hemp thread would probably look good with this material. Good work Aleka, I like your pictures too! Have a good weekend.

  4. lovely!
    i like the 2 fishes a lot! :)