Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Collecting color: Purple May

Purple May (kind of reminds of purple rain) was easy to do, I have quite a lot of purple things and even left some of it out. And I only borrowed one thing this time, yep it's the pair of earrings, I really have so little jewelry it's a bit embarrassing.
So here's my loot: purple wildflowers, they grow this time of year and we also have them in pink and white, makes the garden look so colorful, a gocco printed card from Anika, two small water balloons, a coin purse I've had forever, a glass tea light holder, the rock piece (I don't know what it is maybe amethyst?), the two photos are mine, as well as the ceramic boat and little clay house.
The car is made from recycled tin cans, there's also a little Boo thingy you put on your pen, an origami heart I made and a little creature toy from a kinder egg, I do have a box full of kinder egg toys :-) Purple buttons and thread and two purple pens, one is glitter and I actually like it. And last but not least a book with short stories from Vassilis Alexakis and an acrylic paint tube. 
Well that's it, collect your purple treasures and link them up here!
Have a great day


  1. When going through my RSS feed, I spotted my card! I was like, "hey that looks familiar!" Fun to see it included in such a wonderful collection! I love purple!

    1. You've got a good eye! I'm glad you like it too, purple is one of my favorite colors as well :-)

  2. lovely purple collection! it's my favorite color!

  3. So many cute little purple things! I love the little Boo. :)