Monday, 23 April 2012

Monday Moodboard in black and white

I know it's spring all the flowers are blooming, skies are blue, sun is shining and all that but today I am in a more minimal kind of mood. Maybe it's the over exposure to colorful flowers, no clouds in the sky to block the strong sunlight but my eyes wanted something more subtle for today's moodboard. Black and white is a combination I love, simple and striking at the same time, so I picked a few beauties from the European street team in black and white, aren't they lovely?
Maybe next time I'll be missing color and make a more colorful moodboard but for today I just love this one :-)
See more moodboards at Estella's blog or make one and play along!
Wishing everyone a happy week,


  1. Very classy! It also looks very serious, i think it's because oof the doll :)

  2. Serious indeed. But black and white can be playful and blooming as your other finds show.
    Wish you a happy week!

  3. That doll is amazing! And your board could reflect the weather here. No sun just rain and black clouds.

    Have a great sunny week!

  4. Amazing collection in black and white!! I love this color combination also!!!
    Thank you so much for including my earrings in this Beauty!!!!)

    All the best to you!

  5. Fabulous board!
    I totally fell in love with that doll...

  6. Black and white cobination is timeless! Great picks!

  7. very elegant and beautiful!!! thank you for the feature! :)

  8. Absolutely awesome collection !
    Thank you Aleka for including my doll !