Saturday, 10 March 2012

Collecting color: Green for March

Found via Chantal's blog is this monthly challenge hosted by Emily from Good things called Collecting Color. The objective is quite simple, each month represents a color and the participants must curate a collection of their belongings in that color. Sadly I missed the first two months but that's OK, I'm happy to start with green, it's such a happy color :-)
Things that found their way in my green collection: the Bunny Suicides book and a Charles Bukowski one under it, a paper bag from the British natural history museum (it was given to me by a friend filled with goodies), clay houses, felt hearts and home brooch made by me, tea cup and plate from Ikea, little glass fish necklace bought at a local bazaar, green dandelion print from Tanya Bond, one postcard from Ikea the other one from a design walk in Athens and finally the round beer coaster that my sister brought home from Berlin.
So if you want to join in just find your favorite greens from your home, photograph them and post the here!
have a great weekend :-)


  1. Love this collection! It's so much fun seeing everyone's bits and bobs - I especially like your beer coaster and those ceramic houses are great! Look forward to seeing your next collection :)

  2. This is a great idea!
    I love your green collection!

  3. nice idea! your green collection is lovely! i am going to search about green things around my space today! :)
    & maybe you will like this green contest by pink dreamer >>>
    have a nice week aleka!

  4. The little houses and the dandelion print captivated me from the start.
    Thank you for adding close ups it gave me an added perspective on your wonderful montage.

    Here's to a silvery April!