Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday Moodboard - Get well soon

This last week has been an absolute nightmare: first my nephew got sick, the doctor diagnosed broncho pneumonia and gave him antibiotics and lots of other medicine to stop the fever and coughing. Then it was his father turn to get sick first and his mother followed, she started feeling horrible over the weekend, after a visit to the hospital she's been given an array of medicine. As of yesterday my sister has been feeling her throat a bit itchy and today I woke up with mine aching a bit. I'm hoping it's just the weird temperatures, one day the sun is shining and the next it's cloudy and cold, and not something else...
so here's a get well soon moodboard for everyone who's under the weather and if you want to see more Monday moodboards check out Esther and Estella's blog!
let's hope we'll have a good week


  1. Oh...I hope all of you can get well as soon as possible! Really cute!

  2. Oh no - what an awful week - lets hope it is just the weird temperatures and you all get better very soon!

  3. Hope you all will get well soon.

  4. Oh, dear! It really hasn´t been very good for you and your family! Take care and get better soon!

    1. Wonderful collection!! Have a great week!

  5. hope you all feel allready better!

    there is a flu bug wandering around... my nephew a his mommy were sick last days too... & a friend of mine & her baby...

    sudden changes of the weather don't help much too...

  6. I wish you all a speedy recovery and a wonderful week to make up for it....

  7. I hope everyone is better now - thank you for this, only just spotted it.