Sunday, 1 January 2012

For the new year

Each year I tape a calendar on my closet door, it's proven to be very useful and I've done it for the past three years. The first one was a calendar I got at a book fair, the second one was made by my best friend and now I decided to make the third one. I used images from The Graphics Fairy, the image of the dancing children and a background with a floral pattern combined with a tea stained texture I had on my PC. I played around with the filters and layer blend modes to give it a vintage feel and this is the result, I must say I am quite pleased with it!
Just click on the image and print it, it's a bit smaller than an A4 paper, so you'll need to trim it a bit. I printed it on a bit heavier paper than regular and it looks fantastic, now I just need to trim it and tape it on my closet door :-)
Happy new year, may this year bring all of us the things we most need!


  1. Happy new year Aleka and Georgia!!! Wishing all the wishes you fishes can make come true during 2012! Health and happiness!

    Oh and the calendar looks fantastic!!!

  2. Really beautiful calendar aleka! & very practical!

  3. It looks just wonderful!

    Happy New Year!
    May it be a very joyful one for you both!

  4. I love this, just perfect, I'm going to hang it in my little bathroom - wanted something vintage and happy - this fits the bill. Thanks for sharing with us at the Graphics Fairy ~ Mary

  5. Your art is fantastic! What a wonderful Blog you have!
    Thank you for your nice comment on my Blog.
    Best to you!

  6. Great calendar, that reminds me that I need to make or buy one too. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday, I appreciate you taking the time to comment :)

  7. Love this calendar and it's vintage air :)