Thursday, 1 December 2011

Smells like Christmas

On December the 11th we'll be attending a very local bazaar, so local it's just five minutes from our home, in our nephew's kindergarten school! We thought it would be nice to have candles up for sale too, so we've been slowly making them. Using scents like sandalwood and orange, the smells are heavenly. I just can't describe how our kitchen and the whole house smells :-) We'll be making a few small ones in red and sell them as sets of two, one red one green in a Christmas packaging, I think it will look great!

And a lovely way to start the month: here you can find a great giveaway on the Egst blog, just comment and you'll be eligible win a beautiful black lace cuff, open to international entries as well!

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  1. Awwww what a sweet Christmas bazaar -- at a kindergarten! And your candles are lovely, your home must be filled with a wonderful aroma (love the smell of candles!)!

  2. i love candles! the white one with the red details is very nice!

  3. I can just imagine the beautiful scents of these candles. I bet they are successful at the bazaar. x