Thursday, 17 November 2011

Necklaces and other things

We are preparing for a Christmas bazaar, it's in 25 days and I feel a bit stressed, there are a lot of things in progress and things that I'm just starting to work on. In addition to that I have to finally finish my secret Santa and sent the package, I'm hoping I'll do that this Monday, if I can't make it tomorrow.
These wool necklaces have a few more steps before they are finished, wooden beads need to be painted (done that, now I just need the varnish to dry before I do another coat) and they'll be put together using black wool to close them.
Oh and did I mention I'm also taking part in the Greek secret Santa exchange? This time I know who the present is for but that doesn't make it any easier, I have a lot of ideas and still haven't started working on one yet :-(
And in addition to all this bazaar, present preparations the house looks like a bomb exploded scattering fabrics, felt, yarns all over the place, covering every single table... I'm dreaming of the day when all of this will be over and I'll do a major cleaning sweep (I ♥ clean surfaces, cannot function properly when things are messy).
See more creative spaces here, hopefully they're not as crazy as mine!


  1. Like your necklaces! Success with everything you are doing!

  2. I have a bazaar on the 27th too ! Whishing you a lot of success and no need to stress !
    Like the new necklaces, curious to see them
    all finished, but don't hurry !

  3. I like the new ones too! Hope to see them finished soon!!


  4. I can't wait to see what they'll be like finished!
    As for the state of the house....I can totaly relate to that....

  5. I like them just like this;)

  6. I am in the same bazaar mood and my house is in the same condition (maybe worst, I have the mess of the kids too!)

  7. Oh Aleka, lots of things to accomplish, I see! But when it's related to creativity, some extra work is welcome, isn't it? :)
    Hahaha are you describing my room? LOL! ;D

    PS: girls, I want to join you in the Christmas bazaar some day too!!!!!!!

  8. wow, those necklaces are really cool. Are they done on a french knitting gadget? How'd you do the one with the zigzaggy pattern? wow, I really want one!

  9. oooh i share this feeling at the moment!!
    hope you can get it all done.
    am the same re clean surfaces too!