Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Finishing things

I have my lists, if I could name one (of my many) compulsions it is to make lists, lists of things I have to do each day. It makes me happy when I cross something off and then I can get so miserable when something is repeated in my list day after day.
These few days it seems that I just can't finish anything, I write the same things in my list each day and that is making me so very sad. Trying to open a new shop, trying to write some guest posts, trying to keep up with the existing shop, too many things just half done. I guess I took on more than I could handle so I figure now it's just a matter of sitting down and focusing and finishing these tasks, crossing something off my list finally.
Oh and doodlers anonymous is holding an amazing competition with great prizes, check it out :-)


  1. Hope you cross everything off your list soon...!

    I love that cloud photo.

  2. Peripou stin idia katastasi ki ego! Synexise tin prospatheia...

  3. Gia sas! 8a h8ela na sas kalesw sthn klirosh mias koyklas moy sto blog moy
    8a xarw poly ean parete meros!