Thursday, 30 June 2011

Something to make

I don't know if the braided jewelry trend is out of style or still in fashion but I had made my sister the blue braided bracelet a while back and she requested a new one. So I made her the brown and now she could stack them together. They look pretty good and are super easy and fast to make, just cut strips of fabric, tie a knot on one end and start braiding. When you reach the end tie another knot, add metal clasps and voila you're done. Don't forget to fray the edges of your fabric strips, that makes it look so much more better!
Here is one tutorial for a necklace.
Have a great weekend


  1. These are just great!
    So perfect for summer!

  2. These are sweet! That your sister is requesting another is a very good sign : ) I have plenty of fabric scraps - I think I might try this myself. Thanks for sharing!