Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Clay works

I started working with clay taking classes in my community center two years ago. I loved working with natural clay, loved its earthy smell and how easy it was to manipulate. Unfortunately those classes are now over due to many reasons, financial cut backs being one of them. So I decided to try commercial clay, the air drying one. At first I hated it, I found it was too difficult to blend and manipulate but I finally figured how to use it. I started making miniature houses and then simple beads for necklaces, I began to like the fact that I can control the whole process from making the bead to painting it. And I do love painting them so much, I guess that shows!
This cube necklace is one of three that I made, I love how colorful it is and that each bead is unique, no two are alike. It's listed in the shop along with other clay necklaces, the fish and disc beads designs. Now I have started working on one more new design, I'll show you how that turns out!

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