Thursday, 23 June 2011

A phone case

Georgia's newest purchase is an iphone, she got it about a month ago and ever since then she's been searching for a case to put it in. She found a couple online that she really liked but the drawback is that they would take at least a week to get here. So I thought I'd make her one, my sewing skills on the singer are basic, good but not perfect so it's a perfect excuse to practice!
This is the case I made her and I did learn a couple of things so I'll make it better next time: 1. I should cut the pieces with a rotary cutter, I am absolutely useless with the scissors and 2. make sure my paper patterns are perfectly straight, maybe use graph paper for better results. I still need to trim the edges and apply fray check and it's done, not bad for half a days work right?
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  1. seems to work well! Nice choice of fabric!

  2. Very cute! Thanks for stopping by my creative space :)