Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A house

Finally listing something new for the shop! The first thing I learned in my clay workshop was how to make decorative tiles, an easy task which teaches you the basics of working with clay. I made a couple for my home, they are decorating my living room wall. Then I made a few for the shop, the colorful hearts, the house and the tree which will be listed shortly. I'm hoping to expand the home decor section of our shop, not just with wall art but hopefully other cute things to decorate your home!
I'm pretty happy with the photos I took, although I faced the same problem I've had for a while: photographing shining things. There is a glare, a shining that I just can't avoid I can only try to minimize. Since a lot of my stuff is coated with an acrylic varnish, they inevitable are very shiny so I need to figure out a solution to this.
Have a great day :-)


  1. It's soooo cute!
    The pictures are great!
    I especially like the one with the birdie!

  2. Very sweet house! I hope your Etsy shop is doing well for you : )