Thursday, 27 October 2016

Felt Pumpkins Tutorial

Hi there!
Today I'll be sharing a super fast and easy tutorial on making felt pumpkins. All you need is felt, stuffing and thread. start by cutting two round pieces of felt.

Use a whip stitch to join the two pieces but leave a small opening. You can either fill it now and leave the stitch on the outside or follow the next step.

Turn the pumpkin inside out, keeping the stitching on the inside and fill it with the stuffing. Use a hidden stitch to close the opening.

Take a thread with a contrasting color and go through the center of tour pumpkin. Leave a "tail" of thread behind, you will need it to finish the pumpkin.

Start by dividing the pumpkin first in half vertically and then horizontally. Take your needle around the outer edge bring it down at the center, pull the thread to create a section. Next take your needle on the opposite side, around the outer edge and back into the middle again pulling to create the next section. Each time you will bring your needle up in the middle and pull tight to create the sections and they don't have to be perfect, real pumpkins aren't completely symmetrical either!

Once you've divided it into four parts next begin by dividing each part in half, again keep bringing your needle around the outer edge and through the center. When you have finished you should have eight sections. Bring your needle down to have it in the same side as the tail you left in the beginning. Tie the two threads together in a tight knot and cut the excess thread.

Use a piece of brown felt to create a stem and glue it into place, hiding the closing knot.

You can see the two different versions, two are made with the seam on the outside and two with the seam on the inside.
Hope you liked this diy :-)


  1. These are so cute!!
    The fact that they're easy is a plus!

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I've never made them like this and I want to give it a try. I have material saved back for pumpkins! Yours are very cute.

    Cindy Bee