Thursday 24 October 2013

Halloween houses

Last Halloween craft and it's an easy one :-)
I used this house pattern, transferred it to black and white paper using carbon, it doesn't show on the black paper but on the white it's pretty visible. So I had my nephew paint over the blue lines with a black marker and gave him a silver marker to paint the black houses. I think it's easier for a kid to paint on the paper when it's flat, after he painted them I used glue on the flaps and mini wooden pegs to hold them while the glue dried.

While I waited I made a super quick mini bat garland, just cut bat shapes and little triangles from black paper, add a dab of glue on the back side and glue them on jute string. I used scotch tape to stick it on the wall behind my houses but if you have washi tape with a Halloween pattern that will look great!

The fun thing about these houses is that their tops are not glued so you can lift them and use the inside of the house to keep candy or spooky decorations :-)


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  1. aww, those are so cute and so simple! Pinning :)

  2. The sweetest, simplest little project! I love it and I've already pinned it for future reference!

  3. Love these! And so would my son. What a sweet-uh, I mean-spooky project! :)

    1. My six year old nephew loved them! Painting them and putting them together, I think it's a very kid friendly project :-)