Tuesday, 10 September 2013

After the weekend

Back from our weekend getaway, it was fun going to our little village!

The weather was what real autumn feels like, it would get cloudy and rain then the sun would shine, then some more clouds and lots of mist covering the mountains. At night we slept with blankets.
The nephew got really excited with a bubble making toy, we finished it and refilled it but we need more work on getting the mix right the bubbles were harder to make the second time.

The kitty is the most talkative one I have ever met, she would sit around the corner listening to us talk and she would meow constantly, really loud ones too, it was so funny!

I'm still in a bit of vacation mode :-)
Wishing you a lovely week,

1 comment:

  1. your village looks very nice!
    yes, the cat is like she is talking, haha!
    a very pretty one too!
    enjoy your weekend aleka!