Friday, 7 June 2013

Paper mache fish

Keeping up with our preparations for the nephews kindergarten party we used these paper mache fish I had made a while back. They were a sort of test to see how easy it would be and how they'd look, I never painted them so now was an excellent occasion to do it. Georgia painted them and she used colors that will pop against a blue background green, red and orange. I love the way they look and hopefully they'll fit right in the decor :-)

A lovely project: continue curioso, you can check out the previous clips they have English subtitles.
Wishing you a lovely weekend,


  1. So bright and cheerful. They make me think of fish shaped sweets we had as children for some reason, they must look good enough to eat!
    Have a lovely weekend yourself, hope the sun is shining where you are x

    1. Thanks Max, they do remind me a bit of candy, it's the bright, glossy colors I guess :-)
      It's definitely summer here! Can't complain about the lack of sun we've been having lots of it, summers in Greece are always sunny :-)
      kisses to your little ones,