Friday, 14 June 2013

A week

Honestly this week looked looked a disaster form the start, one of our clay doves broke after quite a fall (it was my back-up but still now it's broken) then I managed to destroy two (!) pairs of  earrings I had spend the last couple of  days carefully painting. Once I started varnishing them the color just went away, I have no words to describe that, also no words to describe my stupidity for continuing with the next and the next earring after I saw that the first one was ruined.
Then this happened, staring at a black screen for days now. I really am out of words. I never understood these political games, so I have no explanation even after hearing hours and hours of people talking about it.
Hopes for the future? Well I'll make another back up dove and store it carefully and remake my earrings, testing them beforehand. As far as this country goes no, no hope there.
Wish your week is getting on better,
take care,


  1. creativity is the only hope!
    i wish you a good weekend aleka!

  2. I understand bad luck comes in threes, so the worst must be over now! Hope your weekend goes more smoothly x