Monday, 14 January 2013

Monday moodboard - Alice

{1. necklace from LaurasJewellery 2. earrings from amoronia
3. necklace from lePetitFoyer 4. needle felt White Rabbit from FforFelt}

I love the story of Alice, I've read both books Alice in wonderland and Through the looking glass. So a moodboard inspired by her and the quote "we 're all mad here" as these last few days the I've seen the craziest things happen. 
We are expecting a visit from Etsy admins in Greece and that seems to have brought out the ridiculous and mad in everybody. All I can say is that even if I do find this an amazing opportunity and look forward to it I also can't wait for the craziness to subside!
Wishing everyone a crazy free week,
ps. you can see more Monday moodboards right here!


  1. hahah, we are expecting the same person tomorrow:) so we are all mad!
    but it is exciting:)

  2. haha :D

    We must hear about all that craziness Aleka!!! ;) (fill us in with the juicy details)

  3. Cute collection. I also experience crazy times right now, but not as possitive crazy as you.