Monday, 3 December 2012

Monday moodboard - Calm

{1. print from soulbook 2. scarfl by LikeFreja
3. necklace by mapano 4. bookmarks from bialakura}

I'm hoping this moodboard gets my feelings across, I'm sooo tired after a completing a 24 hour work marathon! But I'm a happy girl: the job was done, the package is in the mail and now I am going to take the afternoon off and relax :-)
Wishing you a great Monday, 
ps You can find more Monday moodboards at Estella's blog right here!


  1. Toder but happy! love it! Thank you!

  2. Wonderful moodboard! Have a fine relax afternoon!

  3. It's very important to take a breather after working hard and being stressed for a period of time. I totally get that it's nice to have achieved a lot :) but without rest you can't properly enjoy it!

  4. Cute combination!!
    Lovely things!!
    Great week!!

  5. lovely board - good luck with your rest, you deserve it. Do we need to understand the 24-hour marathon literally?