Thursday, 1 November 2012

The parrots

After creating the swallow birds I had the idea of making parrot shaped ones. I really liked the result until I put in the wire so I can hang them. The dark orange ones stand straight like I wanted them to but the one with the spread wing does the same too. I was hoping it would stand in a slightly "curved" way and now I'm stuck thinking where the wire should be placed to achieve that.
I'm considering pulling the wire out and making new holes in a couple of different places to see what works or the easier option of making a new one and testing it before the clay is dry. And of course the more I look at the second photo the more I think it's OK and I probably shouldn't bother with any changes.
What annoys me the most was that I was hoping to finish these until the weekend and now I'm stuck and I hate second guessing myself. It's a good thing I've also made some other little cuties and they are just fine so I'm going to finish those and think a bit more about these damn birds.
ps. You can see more creative spaces right here.


  1. They are so cool, I thought they were papier maché actually! :)

    I think you may need to insert the wire to the point where the wing meets the body, but that may be a little clumsy...

    1. That's one of the places I'm thinking of doing it, I'm not sure thought if it will actually give it a tilt as it's quite heavy in the bottom. I'll give it a try and see :-)