Thursday, 29 November 2012

Heart coin tags

Since I've been working with felt a lot lately, I had to figure something out for these small, tiny pieces of scrap felt that can't be used. I usually throw them away but I've been in a "waste not" mood lately so I decided to try and use them. And so I made these small heart coin tags, they are filled with these little felt scraps that I cut into even smaller pieces and they work just as well as polyfill stuffing. Tiny cuteness right?

I'm also hoping to make an advent calendar for our nephew these days, there is lots of inspiration to be found online and it is quite difficult to decide on something, I feel a bit bombarded by all these great ideas :-)
Wishing you a great day,
ps You can see more creative spaces right here!


  1. very cute coin hearts aleka!
    i like the purple one!

  2. They are adorable! I bet they would look great hanging in a christmas tree :)

  3. Lovely, I thought they'd be great on a Christmas tree too.