Monday, 29 October 2012

Monday moodboard - Spooky

{1. photo by shashamane 2. bat decoration from OverTheRainbowTextil
3. crow by sabiesabi 4. bat necklace from JujuTreasures}

Halloween is an American tradition that has found its way to Europe. Here in Greece we have something similar called "Apokries" where people do dress up and party but it's not scary or spooky, it's just all about fun. Here are some Halloween finds from the European street team to get you in the mood and if you're still not feeling it watch this and you'll be singing along!
Have a great week,
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  1. Fantastic! I love the work of sabiesabi!

  2. What can I say? It's spooky! :D

    It's slowly getting a foothold here also, but very slowly. We usually celebrate November 1, which is All Saints' Day, where people pay a visit to their deceased loved ones and the cemeteries all light up with the candles and tea lights. It is a day of remembrance and a public holiday as well.

  3. Cute and...scary!And I love the movie that you linked!

  4. Great Halloween finds! The movie is a bit scary... but fun

  5. Wonderful!...
    Let's have a great week!...:))

  6. Very spooky!

    By the way, it was actually an Irish tradition :) It flew over to the US in the 19th century along with Irish immigrants. Later on it evolved ot what it is now.

  7. Nice Halloween theme! Here in Romania we have vampires :))) and we celebrate it on 31 november, and there's also Dracula :)) :P

  8. Definately spooky!
    Have a great week!