Monday, 22 October 2012

Monday moodboard - Insects

{1. moth from BlueTerracotta 2. scorpion from HardResols
3. beetle print form slinkymalinkicat 4. cricket photo by PhotoByMADA}

Last night I had an encounter with one insect that absolutely disgusts me, you know the one that's supposed to survive an atom bomb. I'm pretty sure that it's true because that cockroach was so fast that she disappeared before I even moved, didn't see where she hid, can't seem to find her. Sprayed the bathroom, closed the door but I'm pretty sure she made her escape safe and sound.
So here's a collection of other bugs, some are definitely more dangerous that roaches but somehow they don't scare me as much.
Have a great week,
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  1. Great selection!!
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Woah, really unusual but great! :)

  3. Hi Aleka, I'm visiting your lovely blog from creative space and couldn't resist leaving a comment here. I have a huge phobia of cockroaches, particularly the huge bush ones (affectionately nicknamed 'skateboards') so I completely sympathize. I'm sure if they didn't scuttle so much I wouldn't be nearly as freaked out. Erggh!! : P I hope you little friend went straight back outside.
    Love that fantastic botanical print of the beetle, strangely I'm not worried by him at all. : )