Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday Moodboard - Tired

{1. necklace from Aliquid  2. tired art feeling from ArtMind  
3. flower photo from Fwtosynthesis  4. felt coat from Vilte}

It's been four days since we came back from our short holiday and I didn't return alone from this trip, I brought back with me a a nasty cold. I've been sick since Thursday, at first my throat hurt then my nose started running and it all went bad from there. I'm just starting to feel better but the most surreal part of it all is being having a fever when the temperature outside is reaching 35 °C, while others where going to the beach I could hardly get out of the bed. Not to mention that this week we're expecting a mini heatwave, the temperature will be as high as 38°C, summer is here there's no denying it. 
I'm hoping I'll be able to take some photos of our workspace for the new about pages on Etsy, I really like the new feature just haven't been up to making it and also had a new idea about some clay jewelry that I want to try. So starting this week feeling tired but also a bit hopeful that I'll get some of the things on my list accomplished.
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Have a great week,


  1. I love this total white! Hope you will get well soon!

  2. Great textures you collected for this moodboard!

  3. I hope you will get better soon! This is not a good mood but your board is beautiful!

  4. Very pretty soft whites!
    have a lovely day,

  5. I love your finds! - Take care!

  6. you managed to make 'tired' look absolutely stunning!
    Hope you feel better soon xoxoxo

  7. Beautiful! Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Aleka, get better already! It's Tuesday! :P

    And curious about the new clay jewelry thing! :)