Friday, 1 June 2012


I got a package of terracotta air drying clay, I usually prefer the white one but there wasn't any last time at the store so I went for this one. I made a few of my clay houses, but in order to get these ones to be so brightly colored I would have to paint them white first and then color them. I still wanted to keep the terracotta color (it's growing on me), so I decided to paint them white and at the same time remove some paint, then paint them another color and remove some paint again.
I wanted there to be layers of paint and  the original color showing up too, I like the result so far. I also used some sand paper to remove a bit more of the paint. I plan to varnish them soon, I'm pretty sure the terracotta will turn a deep red-brown color as it's supposed to be. Oh and excuse my colored hands, it was a pretty messy experiment :-)
I'm going to be away for a few days, a small trip to the country side but I leave you with a wonderful read and giveaway from the interview series: you can win an amazing print from Daniel Moreira!
wishing you a great weekend

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  1. πολύ ωραίο αποτέλεσμα! μοιάζει λίγο και με πατίνα!
    νομίζω ότι τα χρωματισμένα χέρια ταιριάζουν απόλυτα για την φωτογράφιση!
    καλό μήνα αλέκα και καλά να περάσετε στο ταξιδάκι!


  2. I love the celadon colour with the terracota colour breaking thru, it makes it look antique-y rather than brand new, lovely x

  3. Cute little house.....I love the 'aged' look to the paint.

    I have a packet or air dry clay in the cupboard. I should get it out and have a play.

    Enjoy your break,

    Claire :}