Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Collecting color: White June

June is hot, really really hot so the white collection was arranged within minutes, photographed a couple of times and the whole thing was over in less than 30 minutes. I would like to try it again, maybe pick a few more things, try another arrangement but honestly I don't have the courage to do so.
Also there are no close ups as my pocket camera refuses to focus on white on white, I sort of new this would happen but I'm too exhausted to even give it more than a couple of tries. It doesn't focus? Fine then, no close ups.
The items are: my favorite cotton shirt, it's long sleeved perfect for spring and autumn. Three Ikea vases and a pot planter, I actually have a couple more vases that I didn't put in I think I'm a bit obsessed with white vases. Another Vassilis Alexakis book, a couple of paper doilies, Kings of Leon first album "Youth & young manhood" one of my favorites, two plastic cookie cutters shaped like a moon and a heart and finally two clay figures made from cookie cutters: a snail and a squirrel.
That's it for white and for June! See more white collections right here and make your own!
Have a great day,


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  2. i think white is the most suitable color for summer!
    you have a naughty camera aleka :)
    i love the beautiful cover of the book & the cd!

  3. I was a bit worried about white for June too but in the end I've actually quite enjoyed it!
    I love your collection especially the little cookie cutters. :)

  4. I am really diggin' that book. It looks nice because even with the color on the front, it's so minimal it fits! My favorite would have to be the cookie cutters. Now that I think of it, I have some! It would be neat to do an entire collection of just cookie cutters or stencils! It would create a neat "layer" effect. Hope you had a good June, despite the heat. <3

  5. I'm with Bad Jones Rising - the book totally works! I have those IKEA vases too, I think they may have planted a seed for my current obsession with white vases...

    Sorry to hear it is so hot and that you're exhausted, I'm impressed that you got a collection together at all under the circumstances! Hope the weather gods bring a cool change your way soon x

  6. oooh a hot June- you've got me truly DREAMING!!!!

    Freezing cold here in Australia right now!

    xo em