Thursday, 17 May 2012


Recently I saw Gnomeo & Juliet, yes I know it's a kids movie but I saw it with my 5 year old nephew and I  actually liked it. I had the idea of making clay mushrooms in the back of my mind for a while but after watching the movie I decided to just go for it. I made about a dozen but since they are not painted yet photographing them was a bit tricky, white on white is impossible to capture. So I got a couple of photos of me holding them, you can see they are pretty small and also how the clay has cracked on some places. That's the cool thing about clay, these cracked parts become so pretty when painted.
Now I'm a bit stuck with the next step do I paint them with natural colors or do I go for a more colorful version? Decisions decisions...
wishing you a great day, today is a rainy day for us just like the weathermen have promised :-)
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  1. So sweet........I love the fairytale with white spots, but these could also look lovely in natural, muted tones.

    As you've made quite a dozen you could paint some of each!!

    There's always options, hehe..

    Claire :}

  2. rainy here too!
    haven't seen this movie yet :)
    very cute mushrooms you've made there Aleka :)
    maybe you could add some golden or silver details after you color them!
    have a great weekend!


    1. thanks for the suggestions ladies, they are much appreciated!
      so now I have more ideas for coloring time :-)


  3. oh they look awesome! i would say go both i love whimscial style and i could picture these so pretty when finished.I can see them in bright colours deep reds etc ..i love that show i mean movie ! so do my girl ,hmm they would make great addition in our soon to make fairy garden.I have clay somewhere.