Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Snowy days

It's been a freezing cold week, today there was even a little snow falling too. Too little to actually consider it as snowing but unfortunately it has been too cold to be able to work in the studio. So I've been looking around the internet and have collected a lot of ideas of things I want to try:
  making snow globes, not Christmas ones but with a more general theme so I can have them in the house all year long :-)
  making some shrink plastic fishes, got jealous seeing Evdokia's kitty and bird!
  finish some paper mache houses I've had them unfinished for almost a year now, it's about time I think ;-)
  draw on pebbles, I collected a few last time I was at the beach so that I could do this project.
These are just a few of ideas bubbling in my head, hopefully some will actually become real!

There is still a sale going on in our shop, 20% off on selected items, like the green necklace you see in the photo.
Have a great week


  1. It's super cold here too... and today it's snowing again! We have LOOOOTS of snow here!
    Have a nice day and stay warm! :)

  2. freezing cold here too, but no snow... it was a sunny day :)

    i was thinking about making a snow globe too! with colorful glitter dust! but do you know what you use for liquid?
    i' ve read somewhere you can use baby oil...

    shrink plastic fishes beware of the shrink plastic kitty! the bird is harmless ;)

    have a nice evening aleka!