Friday, 20 January 2012


I'm not one to thrive on messy spaces, I like my work space and home to be organized and clean but since the bazaar in December I had not managed to get things back in order. And yesterday after a sale on our etsy shop had me searching for a pair of earrings for nearly an hour I decided it's time to put an end to all this messiness. I've been sorting our inventory all morning, things that are already in the shop and things that I have to photograph and list. I'm halfway there as I still need to clean my workspace, it looks like something exploded in there but since it's been too cold to work there I'm going to put it off for another couple of more days. Of course in all this craziness I've managed to misplace (loose) my corner rounder puncher thingy, I've been looking for it all week and I'm wondering if it will eventually turn up or I'll have to buy a new one :-(

There's a giveaway you can enter here, it's open to international entries as well! Oh and his work is magical, just view these photos in the slideshow :-)
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  1. Always tidy, boring. mess then tidy, satisfying! Happy new year x

  2. organisation seems to be the word for 2012. regardless of the mess, your work space looks lovely x