Thursday, 27 October 2011

This and that

My creative space has been a hallway these past couple of days. Taping doors and switches and then painting with a brush and a roller. My hand hurts, my back aches and we still have one more coat of paint to do. {sigh}
In an attempt to do something more creative I decided to take a little break and make some more bookmarks. We'll be attending a craft fair in December so I'm thinking I should begin to prepare for that. Now that the bookmarks are printed and drawn they need to go to the copy shop and be laminated, cut each one and then I'll punch a hole and tie a pretty ribbon.
I'm off to some much deserved rest but you can see more creative spaces right here!


  1. GREAT bookmarks, good work!

  2. Very pretty! You have my sympathy re the hallway; I'm only paiting a miniature hallway and I'm over it!

  3. it's sounding pretty busy at yours!
    have fun getting ready :)

  4. You ve been so productive!!!!:-)
    Love these fishy bookmarks!!!

  5. Wow they look so pro, very fun and I would totally buy one of those!!
    v.impressive, love your blog :)

    pollie xo