Thursday, 14 July 2011

Lavender sachet

After seeing Gia's beautiful sachets I figured it was about time I made one, I have wanted to for quite a long time but other things just got in the way. I had the idea of using linen and making french knots in different shades of blue, then I added the yellow knots to make it more cheerful! To stuff it I used lavender and rosemary leaves from my garden and some leaves from our louisa plant. It smells absolutely fantastic, now I want to make more and experiment with more plants and spices like Gia suggested.
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  1. Very pretty! Love the colour combinations :)

  2. Your blog is so bright and fresh. I'm adding you to my reader. Off to look around.
    xo Jana

  3. This is lovely! I have lavender in my garden and I can't believe I never thought to do this before!

  4. It looks so good!
    I love the french knots.
    This would brighten any drawer!

  5. Your lavender heart looks so lovely!
    I wish I could smell the scent.