Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I've created a monster

Yesterday was a sunny day perfect for taking photos and that's what I was doing until my 3.5 year old nephew decided he wanted in on the fun! I gave him my small digital camera and followed him for what proved to be an experience for both of us. He would photograph EVERYTHING he saw: a log, the grass, the walls and so on. It was so funny watching him! We went inside where he went on to photographing his toys and finally the battery of the camera went dead. Checking his photos (125 in total) I saw that a lot of them were blurry, because he was moving and snapping but some were actually pretty good. The top photo is the first one he took, cute little fingers right?


  1. John the great!!!!!!!!!! I thinks he takes after you my dear aunt... i like the second picture
    those little tiny feet and those red all stars...
    do portraits next time

  2. LOL :D That's too funny. 125 pictures?! Wow...

    1. I know!! He didn't stop until the battery of the camera finally "died" :-D