Tuesday, 21 September 2010


1. "Someone Left that Phone", 2. internet not bitten you yet?, 3. 076 : Select : Offline Shoot 02, 4. It says here that there is a wild grizzly bear on the loose...

I've been away these couple of weeks, up in the Peloponnese mountains with no internet connection at first. Then my sister bought this magic stick you plug into the laptop and voila you are connected! Hey great I thought, now I'll keep up with everything but boy was I wrong. It was then that the satellites decided they hated me. Every time I was trying to get on line something would go wrong: I got a blue screen error and lost the connection a couple of times before I finally gave up. It was pretty funny that my sister had no problems, surfing the web with perfect 3G connection and when I would sit near her it would go all crazy.
Well now I'm back and thank God the adsl lines love me as much as I love them!
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  1. Sometimes the network seem to play tricks on us, and that can be a little annoying. Howver, I wish you all the enjoyment you get with the new connection.
    Beautiful mosaic!

  2. I understand your frustration, but if you'd never been offline you may never have found that adorable photo of the teddy using his laptop!!!

  3. ahahah anti-satellite vibe you had! IT is frustrating when one wants to catch up... but after the first detox days, I feel really fine without a connection...

  4. hehe hope for you that "offline demones" are no longer among you =))

  5. I think the world just wanted to give you some time off. I so want some time off every now and then, but one of the two Internet connection is always working...

  6. ehehe... funny story and mosaic!
    But it feels good to be offline for a while sometimes ;)

  7. good story, great mosaic. i am addicted to being ONLINE so being OFF is no fun at all:(

  8. Haha.. funny story..
    and great mosaic!

  9. It's good to be disconnected for a while. Hope you had a lovely time in the mountains. It sounds like a place I'd like to be right now! :)
    Even though I would miss not being connected for a long time, I think it would do me good.
    Good to have you back, Alex! :)